Announcing the NEW Butterfly iQ+ Vet Ultrasound System

When your patients don’t speak, an image is worth a thousand words.

REM SYSTEMS Veterinary is very excited to announce a new partnership with Butterfly Network Inc, an innovative digital health company that is working to democratise medical imaging and improve global health equity. The launch of the new Butterfly iQ+ represents the next big shift in veterinary medicine. Butterfly iQ+ Vet offers our customers a multi-species, easy-to-use, extremely robust imaging system that can go anywhere, giving the opportunity to provide care in situations where it may not have been previously possible, such as in the consulting room or in the field.

Butterfly’s iQ+ Vet has been thoughtfully designed to powerfully serve veterinarians for multi-species in a variety of care settings.


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You’ll never need multiple probes again.

Leveraging our most advanced Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology, we designed our probe to bring veterinary imaging to the next level.

Butterfly iQ Vet’s single probe delivers a 2D array of 9000 micro-machined sensors emulating any type of transducer - linear, curved, or phased.

Portable and affordable.

Butterfly’s Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology replaces the traditional Piezo crystal transducer system with a single silicon chip, leveraging the same silicon manufacturing as consumer devices. That means - one probe, whole-body imaging.

  • Maximum scanning depth across presets, including 30cm on ‘deep’ presets.
  • Get a clear picture for more easily interpretable scans.
  • A broad field of view enables visualisation of full organs on one plane.
  • Manoeuvre around smaller animals and areas with a small, compact probe.

Sharp imaging. Fast answers.

Never miss a diagnostic opportunity with imaging enhancements across all 12 pre-sets.

Presets:  Abdomen | Abdomen Deep |  Bladder  |  Cardiac  |  Cardiac Harmonics  |  Cardiac Deep  |  Cardiac Deep Harmonics  |  Lung  |  Musculoskeletal  |  Musculoskeletal Equine  |  Small Organ  |  Vascular

Modes:   B-Mode  |  M-Mode  |  Colour Doppler

Leveraging our most advanced Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology, we redesigned our probe to bring veterinary imaging to the next level. Butterfly iQ+ Vet features veterinary-specific clinical presets and comes equipped with a suite of powerful capabilities like colour-Doppler sensitivity and sharper contrast resolution, helping veterinarians collect the image they need to provide more informed care. Butterfly’s veterinary software also includes customisable worksheets, which help users capture the precise information needed for each individual patient.

  • Abdominal small-animal. Optimised abdominal image quality for confident kidney-length measurement.
  • Bladder assessment treatment. Measure bladder wall thickness and identify urinary stones and masses with the optimised bladder preset.
  • MSK equine. Rule out cortical deviations with sharper bone-surface imaging.

Precise guidance. Confident procedures.

NEW Needle Viz™ technology: On-screen needle visualisation for precise aspirates and injections.

Place lines and deliver injections quickly and safely in emergency care situations.

Support the treatment of subcutaneous masses that require aspirations, such as fine-needle aspirates, abscess, or acute haematoma drainage.

Ultrasound—now on your compatible Android or iOS device.

With both Android and iOS compatibility, and an interchangeable cord, iQ+ Vet introduces an entirely new group of veterinarians and practices to the diagnostic power of handheld ultrasound.

Download the Butterfly app, plug in your device, and select between 12 optimised presets with our intuitive touch-based interface.

Tough enough for veterinarians.

We built the Butterfly iQ+ Vet to withstand all that veterinary care can throw at it.

Proven durability. With military-grade testing, iQ+ Vet can withstand a 4-foot drop, a 100G shock pulse, and your toughest shifts. (Meets the MIL-STD-810G standard)

Designed for protection.  iQ+ Vet has been tested above industry standards and is built to protect against dust and water. It’s ready to deliver in challenging environments. (IP67 up to the line on the back of the probe.)

Built to last. Tackle the entire day, with up to 20% longer battery life and improved continuous run time.

Replaceable, stomp- and compression-tested cable. Butterfly iQ+ Vet comes with a replaceable, stomp- and compression-tested cable, engineered to tackle your tough shifts and tougher environments. The new cable makes it simpler to use the probe with multiple compatible devices, and easier to replace if damaged.

In-app Training: Build your scanning confidence from day one.

Begin your POCUS (Point of Care Ultra Sound) journey with expert-taught tutorials, right in the Butterfly app. The Butterfly Education veterinary library, included with your Pro membership, will help you get started.


Connected Care: Make the most of every image.

Give clients peace of mind. Make your clinic stand out. Easily share studies with your clients via text or email. Spend less time on billing and documentation.

Scans automatically integrate into any existing system with a secure DICOM connection.

The beauty is that everything is in one place. Capture images from the app and send studies to the secure Butterfly Cloud within seconds. Want to send studies to your PACS? No problem, we do that too. All your work, anytime, anywhere. Butterfly lets you organise, search and access your studies from your mobile or desktop. Easy to share, easy to learn, and built securely for collaboration.

So you can focus on your patients.


Provide ultrasound guidance—wherever you are.

Butterfly Teleguidance™ is the world’s first integrated ultrasound telemedicine platform, allowing a trained practitioner to connect and collaborate with a novice or a peer at the bedside. Collaboration has never been more seamless, whether you are down the hall or across the world.

Use TeleGuidance™ to give or receive ultrasound guidance remotely. Use augmented reality tools to provide real-time assistance within the Butterfly iQ+ Vet app.


When your patients don’t speak, an image is worth a thousand words

Dr. Cooper Willams and Dr. Magda Stewart 

Equine Veterinary Ultrasound
Dr. Cooper Willams and Dr. Magda Stewart

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Dr William Ehrig

Small Animal Ultrasound
Dr William Ehrig

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Dr Sean Perry

Exotic Animal Ultrasound
Dr Sean Perry

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