Therapeutic Lasers

Multi Radiance Medical Laser therapy provides accelerated pain relief and healing that is drug free, convenient and effective. It is suitable for equine, wildlife and companion animal patients.

Superior Depth of Penetration
Validated in published, peer-reviewed studies, the Multi Radiance therapeutic laser range has consistently demonstrated superior depth of light penetration when compared to other, high-powered laser devices available.

A Commitment to Research and Education
Multi Radiance continues to actively support research into laser therapy, with patients and operators being the benefactors of this rapidly developing field of therapeutic medicine.

All Multi Radiance units are rated as Class 1M laser devices, meaning you’re getting the safest device available. Even more impressive is that Multi Radiance lasers consistently outperform devices which are potentially more hazardous and are more cumbersome to use.

Superior Ease of Use
Ergonomically designed, portable units that can travel with you to any case you want to treat. With the Multi Radiance laser systems, you don’t need dedicated rooms or pods to perform laser therapy. With space and room availability often an issue in busy clinics, why not opt for a system that’s as flexible as you want it to be?


Offering 50W of super pulsed peak power, the ACTIVet Pro gives you excellent flexibility to treat a variety of cases, with a range of probes and accessories provided as standard. Utilise one of the many preset settings, or input your own to customise your own protocol for a case.

Additionally, this laser features a blue-light wavelength at 470nm, which has demonstrated outstanding bactericidal effects in studies.

MR4 ACTIVet Pro LaserShower

Designed to treat larger areas in less time, the LaserShower offers 200W of peak power and is frequently used on equine patients. Much like the ACTIVet Pro, preset settings are available, but you can also program your own treatment times and frequencies to suit your patient. This laser also offers the benefits of blue-light therapy, which is especially useful in managing contamination and infection of wounds.

My Pet Laser 15W

Our popular option for clinics looking to establish a rental program of lasers for their clients. With three presets built-in, this device is very safe and easy to use, and allows treatment to continue when you’re not there.

These units are generally used for pain management, joint disease and to assist with wound healing.

MR4 25W

If you’re looking to establish a rental program for equine clients, then the MR4 is for you. This device offers more power than the My Pet Laser, and is also very easy and safe to use.