Oncology Delivery

Clinically Proven
With countless published studies validating the safety and ease-of-use, Equashield is your best solution when considering a Closed System Transfer Device.

Superior Ease-of-Use
Studies have demonstrated that Equashield is not only easier for staff to use, but this system also includes numerous safeguards to prevent accidental exposure to harmful drugs and agents.

Numerous published, peer-reviewed papers confirm that  Equashield is an exceptionally safe system that not only prevents aerosol exposure, but also eliminates contamination of syringe plungers - a commonly overlooked source of harmful drug exposure.

Used extensively across 5 continents in human and veterinary healthcare, the Equashield range is FDA and NIOSH approved and accredited, meeting all of the expected stringent guidelines for Closed System Transfer Devices.

Syringe units

Equashield’s syringe units are fully encapsulated, preventing syringe plunger contamination caused by hazardous drug handling. A key feature is a built-in, closed pressure equalisation system with a factory sealed sterile air chamber. The single motion connector is easy to use, and remains dry after disconnection as it prevents leaks and residues on the membrane surface. Furthermore, the syringe plunger rod can never be detached from the syringe, preventing hazardous spills and harmful exposure.

Vial Adaptors

These vial adaptors attached to any standard vial, providing a safe and contamination-free access port for syringe units. The active guiding mechanism ensures correct and centred attachment to the vial. Additionally, the adaptors elastomeric membrane prevents bacterial contamination for up to 7 days and prevents residue on the outer surface for up to 10 connections with syringe units.

Spike Adaptors

These adaptors allow a safe, firm connection between any IV bag and tubing set. They are capable of either allowing drug administration to a bag, or allowing delivery of the bag contents via a tubing set. Spike adaptors are available for different sized ports, and a specific adaptor is also available to allow withdrawal of saline or water for injection from an IV bag.

Syringe Adaptors

Do you need to transfer hazardous drugs between syringes? With these adaptors, used in conjunction with syringe units, you can conduct this process safely and reliably.

IV Tubing Sets

These sets provide a combination of regular IV tubing along with integrated Equashield components. This not only saves time and reduces errors, but also improves the safety of your drug delivery.

Connectors & Adaptors

Luer lock connectors and catheter adaptors allow safe and easy IV bolus administration, preventing contaminant ingress while reducing your risk of exposure to harmful agents.