About the Brand

Our vision is to enable you to improve the standard of animal healthcare through providing trusted leading-edge solutions. We supply the best to keep you ahead of the rest in delivering world-best practice.

Trusted. Tested. Respected.

We supply the best to keep you ahead of the rest in delivering world-best practice.

Therapeutic Lasers

Our range of therapeutic lasers offer exceptional safety, while consistently providing superior patient outcomes across a wide range of conditions. Better still, our laser systems offer you the benefits and advantages that come with being able to provide rental units to your clients.

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IV lines and Fluid Therapy

Infusion therapy made clean, safe and simple. We offer a full range of IV sets and accessories for infusion. We also offer closed systems for cytotoxic drug delivery to minimise the health risks associated with the handling of hazardous agents.

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Practice Management Software

We are proud to provide a cutting edge practice management solution in the form of PetBooqz. With advanced features and capabilities, this software offers outstanding flexibility, from hosting options through to a tailored reminder system that ensures high compliance and revisit rates.

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Wearable Medication Infusion

Through the RxActuator, we can now offer you a solution that ensures predictable and reliable drug delivery for your patients.

Primarily used for pain management in small animal practice, these devices can deliver any drug at a consistent rate over 48 hours, helping to ensure compliance while improving safety.

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Oncology Delivery

Equashield is a completely airtight, leakproof and user friendly Closed System Transfer Device protects you and your staff from hazardous drug leaks, sprays or aerosols that can be created during drug preparation, administration and disposal.

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Teleconsulting and Interconsulting

Looking to improve your level of case support? We have the perfect solution for you! With the Timeless Veterinary Community, you can connect to a wide variety of specialists. This system offers a professional & detailed platform that ensures optimum communication & patient management, while improving your knowledge & enhancing your level of care.

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Designed with the busy veterinarian in mind, the Centurion range of centrifuges offer competitive, good quality products that are simple to use.

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Point of Care Diagnostics

Our range of veterinary point of care analysers and test kits offer outstanding diagnostic accuracy and reliability in compact systems that are very easy to use.

Additionally, we proudly offer high quality microscopes from Zeiss.

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