IV Lines & Fluid Therapy

Regardless of your needs, REM SYSTEMS has a wide range of Infusion Devices and high-quality consumables to provide safe and precise solutions for infusion delivery.

Our comprehensive range offers solutions for safe and effective pain management, palliative care solutions and extensive options for infusion therapy for both in clinic and in the home.

BD Infusion Pumps

BD offers medication and fluid delivery solutions, including pain management, oncology, parenteral nutrition, palliative care and specialty therapies.

  • The Nikki V4 is known and loved by many, due to its reliability for the delivery of fluids and medications.   
  • The BodyGuard™ T is a small, lightweight ambulatory infusion pump offering flexibility and reliability and has the ability to deliver constant small volume drug delivery for treatments such as palliative care, tick and snake bite.

Codan Infusion Sets

Through the Codan brand, we offer a full range of IV sets and accessories for infusion. With a strong history of innovation and exceptional quality, this range ensures reliable, predictable and precise infusion therapy for your

  • Fully assembled systems increase efficiencies & decrease infection risks
  • SAFTI JECT needle free options to reduce the risk of needle stick injuries
  • LightSafe tubing to protect certain drugs from light exposure
  • Kink resistant micro-bore and mini-bore options
  • Minimal fluid pathway ensures dead space is kept to a minimum
  • Codan Walrus solution for large animal fluid loading

International WIN - Small Animal Flex Coil Swivel IV Fluid Delivery Systems

Designed for small animals the Flex Coil is flexible and resilient, providing hassle free fluid therapy. Consisting of a swivel and coil, the Flex coil allows the animals to lie down, roll, jump and turn without dislodging the IV.   This allows the unattended administration of fluid therapy, improving care and reducing complications of sick pets while decreasing the technical and professional time required to provide care.

International WIN – STAT Large Animal IV Fluid Delivery Systems

Designed for large animals, the STAT Large Animal I.V. fluid delivery system consists of a coil, hanger and swivel.  The system provides a better way for delivering IV therapy, allowing animals to move around freely. It is quick and easy to set up and the lines and bags can rotate 360 freely in either direction as the animal moves, allowing the animal to lie down and roll even if moving quickly. The ten-foot polyurethane coil length delivers 28 litres of fluid per hour by gravity and allows simultaneous administration of drugs, plasma, blood, and electrolytes with a quick, easy set-up.

RxActuator Wearable Medication Infusion

Developed in the USA, the RxActuator is an exceptional device that now enables you to deliver medications over a sustained period reliably, predictably and safely. With no mechanical pumps used, the RxActuator is compact and light enough to be worn by patients, enabling you to administer up to 10mL of drugs over 48 hours, without worry of pumps or power failing, without the hassle of IV lines, and without the concern of transdermal medicines ending up where they shouldn’t.