Point of Care Diagnostics

Made by Eurolyser in Austria, the Cube-Vet is an outstanding laboratory-quality analyser that offers you advanced point of care testing capabilities. Perform specialty diagnostics quickly, easily and accurately.

Hormone Assays

Perform tests within minutes to assess levels of progesterone, cortisol or T4 across a wide range of species. Different sample volumes are available to access an excellent detection range, ensuring you can obtain results without having to run multiple tests.

Inflammatory Markers

The Cube-Vet offers versatility in this space, allowing you to test fibrinogen, serum amyloid A (SAA), and C-reactive protein all using the same platform, and all across a range of species.

Hepatic and GI Assays

Perform tests assessing GLDH, DGGR lipase, ammonia and bile acids; no longer do you have to wait for laboratory findings when dealing with a critical abdominal case.

Specialised Markers

Lactate and fructosamine assays are also available. Lactate has proven itself as a valuable marker in assessing patients on first presentation, and for subsequent monitoring while undergoing treatment.

Fructosamine is often assessed when considering a patient’s overall blood glucose levels in recent weeks, and can be very useful when dealing with apprehensive or fractious patients.