IV Lines and Fluid Therapy

Infusion therapy made clean, safe and simple. Through the Codan brand, we offer a full range of IV sets and accessories for infusion. With a strong history of innovation and exceptional quality, this range ensures reliable, predictable and precise infusion therapy for your patients.

Infusion Sets

With specially designed spikes, these sets offer easier and quicker access to fluid bags, while maintaining reliable delivery.

Other features include:

- FlowStop protection caps, which allow air to pass out when priming the line, but flow is halted as soon as liquid reaches the cap
- High quality tubing, available with Light Safe technology; protect light-sensitive medications from degradation

Extension Sets

All extension tubing comes with male and female luer-lock connections, while also offering a range of lengths, diameters and priming volumes.

Withdrawal and administration sets

Codan medication spikes are renowned for their performance and safety. Featuring a 0.2 micron air filter, these spikes protect users from aerosol exposure, while also keeping medications contaminant free. Offering needleless and luer-lock adaptor options, these spikes should be a part of every clinic’s drug management regime.