Announcing the new HT Vista by HTVet, A Game Changer for the Early Detection of Cancer.

REM SYSTEMS Veterinary is excited to announce that we will launch the HT Vista at Vet Expo on October 26-26th, 2022.  HT Vista is a game changer, empowering vets to classify and detect cancer earlier. 

HT Vista is the first non-invasive medical device that guides clinicians in making a determination whether subcutaneous and dermal masses are cancerous, quickly, affordably, and in the clinic.

The Challenge

  • Subcutaneous and dermal masses are detected in the veterinary clinic on a daily basis.
  • Clinicians must be able to differentiate between malignant and benign masses in order to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

How does it work?

HT Vista uses proprietary Heat Diffusion Imaging (HDI) technology which was developed by the company’s team of experts in the field of AI, signal analysis and computer vision, who worked hand-in-hand with heat transfer and thermodynamics researchers, oncologists and radiologists. 

The HT Vista technology leverages the fact that normal and malignant tissues display different heat transfer rates, due to their differences in composition, metabolism, tissue morphology, and vascular network, which affect their thermophysical properties.

Quick and easy to use

HT Vista performs a one-minute scan of the suspected mass, during which it measures the heat diffusion in the biological tissue.  This innovative imaging modality relies on unique thermal signals recorded by the device as the tissue is heated and left to cool.

This thermal signal is then processed in the HT BioImaging’s cloud, using signal analysis and AI algorithms to identify abnormal tissue.

HT Vista delivers accurate results within minutes, providing a classification of the tested mass as benign, or further testing is required. This enables faster diagnosis and decision-making within the clinic.

Peace of mind

Once HT Vista provides a negative result, with a 98% probability that the tumour is benign, the veterinarian can send the owner home without worry.

HT Vista has been tested on 400 dogs in clinical trials held in the US and Israel in collaboration with UC Davis and the Hebrew University of Israel. 

HT Vista, A Game Changer for the Early Detection of Cancer