Multi Radiance Medical Laser

Manage Pain.  Reduce Inflammation. Speed Recovery.
Better Science. Better Outcomes

Multi Radiance Medical’s Veterinary Laser Therapy devices provide accelerated pain relief and healing. This safe and powerful technology is applied with a cordless hand-held applicator providing targeted Super Pulsed Laser light that stimulates cell Regeneration.


Multi Radiance Laser Therapy can be particularly helpful for

  • reducing pain and enabling arthritic animals to be more active.
  • managing wounds and dermatological abnormalities including hot spots, lick granulomas, otitis externa, pyoderma and healing of surgical incisions.
  • infection - blue light therapy can be used to reduce the bacterial load and minimise the need for antimicrobial therapy.
  • speeding healing by decreasing pain and inflammation and promoting blood flow to the affected areas.


Models Available

  • MR4 ACTIVET PRO: Therapeutic laser for veterinary use
  • MR4 ACTIVET PRO LASER SHOWER: Faster treatment times for large companion animals and equine patients
  • My Pet Laser: Deliver pain relief in the comfort of the home


Multi Radiance Medical LaserShower: In this video, you will discover the benefits of Multi Radiance's proven, safe and versatile therapeutic lasers. With a comprehensive suite of published, peer-reviewed papers to back the science and efficacy of these medical devices, along with an unmatched safety profile, Multi Radiance lasers are the best choice for you and your patients.

My Pet Laser 15W

Our popular option for clinics looking to establish a rental program of lasers for their clients. With three pre-sets built-in, this device is very safe and easy to use, and allows treatment to continue when you’re not there.  These units are generally used for pain management, joint disease and to assist with wound healing.

MR4 ACTIvet (25W)

If you’re looking to establish a rental program for equine clients, then the MR4 is for you. This device offers more power than the My Pet Laser, and is also very easy and safe to use.

MR5 ACTIVet Pro (50W)

Offering 50W of super pulsed peak power, the ACTIVet Pro gives you excellent flexibility to treat a variety of cases, with a range of probes and accessories provided as standard. Utilise one of the many pre-set settings or input your own to customise your own protocol for a case.

Additionally, this laser features a blue-light wavelength at 470nm, which has demonstrated outstanding bactericidal effects in studies.