Wearable Medication Infusion

Developed in the USA, the RxActuator is an exceptional device that now enables you to deliver medications over a sustained period reliably, predictably and safely. With no mechanical pumps used, the RxActuator is compact and light enough to be worn by patients, enabling you to administer up to 10mL of drugs over 48 hours, without worry of pumps or power failing, without the hassle of IV lines, and without the concern of transdermal medicines ending up where they shouldn’t.

Pump Kit

Comes complete with pump, catheter, 27 gauge needle, nylon sutures, water activation syringe and stretch sock to fit over the pump and onto your patient.


Don’t need the full kit? That’s OK, we can supply you with a pump only, leaving you free to use your own sutures, syringes and needles.