Teleconsulting and Interconsulting

Timeless Veterinary Community

This service allows general practitioners to connect with specialists and experts in a structured, detailed and professional manner. Are you seeking to expand your abilities when handling tricky cases? Keen to contact a specialist you’ve seen present at a conference? With Timeless, you have access to a community that boosts your clinical confidence and improves patient care.

Case Support Portal

Easily upload relevant case information, along with results and images, allowing you to submit all of the crucial information required for a specialist to interpret your findings.

PACS Storage

Free PACS storage system for eligible users. This provides a great option for many clinics looking to expand their digital radiography storage options, while also allowing easy access to case images when support is needed.

Request a Specialist

Submit your case to a pool of specialists, or if you see a name you want to connect with, you can submit the case to them specifically. Now you can connect with specialists in a professional manner, ensuring detailed case information is available for all parties.