Practice Management Software

REM SYSTEMS are proud to be distribution agents for CHS ICT’s latest Practice Management System, PetBooqz. With outstanding features as standard, as well as hosting flexibility, PetBooqz offers you the complete package at a very competitive price.

Are you interested in Cloud hosting? No problem! Prefer local hosting so you’re not worrying about a temperamental internet connection? No problem, we can do that too! Have the best of both worlds, all while offering market-leading security features, reminder systems and an easy-to-use browser based interface.

Advanced Reminder System

One of the most advanced reminder systems available comes standard with PetBooqz. Trigger reminders or short term follow ups off any billable item. Specify how you’d prefer it to be delivered with fall backs to suit client contact preferences. Generate reminders based on ‘Life Stages’, our unique breed based approach to the difference in ageing between not only species, but also breeds. Specify intervals, apply personalised templates or media rich options. Send on a daily schedule via email or SMS, automatically deferring for holidays when your business is not open to respond. Use the reminders dashboard to follow up making sure that clients are properly communicated with and retained. See your compliance rates soar! Auto generate from any item or manually add staff memos and to-dos.

Exceptional Security

Choose to host with us and we’ll ensure that PetBooqz is installed in secure, best practice data centres so you can be sure your data is safe. All data sent through the internet is encrypted with bank level RSA and SSL technology.

Access is automatically limited to approved IP addresses, limiting access to only those locations you’ve pre-approved.

Host on your own server and we’ll assist you in setting up a secure, encrypted Virtual Private Network and IP limited access, securing your network and data.

Excellent Device Compatibility

PetBooqz is thoroughly modern software. The UI (user interface) adapts to your device, key navigation stays readable and usable even on phones.

Don’t get lost in an early 90’s style grey screen or multitude of nested tabs – a clean, easily navigated screen lets you quickly move to the area where you need to work with all clinical records just a couple of clicks away. Use in any web browser, optimised for Google Chrome.

Centralised Reporting

Every business has its own unique requirements – from installing within an existing company infrastructure, to pushing out prices and protocols, or reviewing real time analytical data. All PetBooqz data is coded by location allowing advanced instant, real time reporting by individual location across the biggest of businesses and across multiple KPIs. Our included reporting dashboard includes fast, graphical representation of key figures or export to your preferred reporting system. In need of truly smart reporting? If so - you need PetBooqz.

Own Your Own Data

We understand that lives change, that one day you may want to retire or otherwise sell your business. And when that happens, much of the goodwill lies in your practice management system. That’s why from the time you’ve paid the initial installation charges, the data belongs to you. Sell PetBooqz as an asset belonging to your business, export the data – it’s up to you.

And we’ll never sell or provide your data to any 3rd party provider without your express permission.